Sunday, February 03, 2008


We moved from Juneau back in November, so I will no longer be posting photos of Juneau on a regular basis. However, I will try to occasionally post some of my photos of Juneau that I haven't posted before, as I have time.

These are photos of Ketchikan, one of our stopovers when we took the ferry from Juneau to Bellingham back in November.
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Cynyr said...

Best of luck in the new location, tho I am sad. I missed your photos.

Erin Alaska said...

Bummer, I loved your pics. I am moving to Juneau in 2 monthes and your pics kept me updated on the scenary. I was wondering what happened to your blog. Good luck in your new spot, Bellingham?

Connie Marie said...

What a picturesque town! I want to visit Ketchikan someday.
I hope you post Images of God's Creation in Bellingham! I would love to see them. I know it's just as beautiful down there too, especially along the coast.
God bless!

Kim said...

The ferry took us to Bellingham, then we drove to Texas, where we are now living. I have started a new blog of this area (see my profile to visit).