Monday, October 09, 2006

Drive by photography

I wouldn't recommend this :) Posted by Picasa


Dorothy said...

I love your photos! There's always something breathtaking here. If you do not mind, I have added you to my blogroll. Please keep up the lovely work.

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Kim.

I took photos of marmots with you. I really enjoy watching the seasons change with your nature tripping photos. This is a really interesting and familiar view...I hope there wasn't a lot of traffic.

Santa Cruz is having Indian summer. Crisp fall mornings, shorts and t-shirts for the afternoon hike. Not nearly the colors of your fall foliage.

thanks for the photos...take care, Billy

Kim said...

Hi Billy, nice to hear from you. Hope your daughter is enjoying her new job, tell your students hi from Alaska.

Shorts and t-shirts, what's that???? :)

(my husband grabbed the wheel for a second while I grabbed the camera :)